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Publisher: Serpent's Tail
Genres: Fiction Books, Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 340 pages
ISBN10: 1788167201
ISBN13: 9781788167208
Tags: Contemporary Fiction Books, Fiction Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Type: Digital
"Reese almost had it all: a loving relationship with Amy, an apartment in New York City, a job she didn't hate. She had scraped together what previous generations of trans women could only dream of: a life of mundane, bourgeois comforts. The only thing missing was a child. But then her girlfriend, Amy, detransitioned and became Ames, and everything fell apart. Now Reese is caught in a self-destructive pattern: avoiding her loneliness by sleeping with married men. Ames isn't happy either. He thought detransitioning to live as a man would make life easier, but that decision cost him his relationship with Reese - and losing her meant losing his only family. Even though their romance is over, he longs to find a way back to her. When Ames's boss and lover, Katrina, reveals that she's pregnant with his baby - and that she's not sure whether she wants to keep it - Ames wonders if this is the chance he's been waiting for. Could the three of them form some kind of unconventional family - and raise the baby together?"--Publisher.


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