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Series: Wars of the Roses
Publisher: Penguin Books
Genres: Military Fiction, Historical Fiction
Pages: 509 pages
ISBN10: 0718196341
ISBN13: 9780718196349
Tags: Military Fiction Books, Historical Fiction Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Type: Digital

King Henry V - the great lion of England - is long dead.

In 1437, his pious and gentle son comes of age and takes the throne. Frail in both body and mind, King Henry VI is utterly dependent on his supporters to run his kingdom.

Richard, Duke of York, however, believes that without a strong king England will fall. His fears seem justified as English power comes under threat from France, and discontent and rebellion spread at home.

On the counsel of his advisers, Henry marries the young princess Margaret of Anjou in order to forge an alliance with France - but is it too late?

As the storm clouds gather, King Henry and his queen are besieged abroad and at home. Who can save the throne? Who will save the kingdom?

'Superb, rollicking, a triumph. A rich and vivid tapestry . . . providing plenty of twists, turns, treachery and treason.' Daily Express

'Superbly plotted and paced.' The Times


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