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Publisher: Coward-McCann
Genres: Learning Material & Coursework, Contemporary Fiction, Classic Books & Novels
Pages: 243 pages
ISBN10: 0399501487
ISBN13: 9780399501487
Tags: Learning Material & Coursework Books, Contemporary Fiction Books, Classic Books & Novels, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
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Classic tale of a group of English schoolboys who are left stranded on an unpopulated island and who must confront not only the defects of their society but the defects of their own cultures.

When `Lord of the Flies` appeared in 1954 it received unprecedented reviews for a first novel. Critics used such phrases as `beautifully writeen, tragic and provocative... vivid and enthralling... this beautiful and desperate book... completely convincing and often very frightening... its progress is magnificient... like a fragment of nightmare... a dizzy climax of terror... the terrible spell of this book...` E.M. Forster chose it as the Outstanding Novel of the Year. `Time and Tide` touched upon perhaps the most important facet of this book when it said, `It is not only a first-rate adventure but a parable of our times, ` and articles on this and subsequent Golding novels have stressed these twin aspects of Golding: a consummate control of the novel form, and a superb all-encompassing vision of reality which communicates itself with a power reminiscent of Conrad.


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